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The most incredible thing about Solitaire Champ is that is extremely social and absolutely FREE. Here you can invite you friends form social networks, when registered with Facebook or Google + accounts. You also will meet more than twenty million people from all over the world. All Solitaire Card Game players are highly engaged combining together friendly supportive community of like-minded people. While playing Solitaire Card Game you can chat in real time mode, you can add new people to your friend list, or remove if needed. You can also exchange various fun gifts within Solitaire Card Game.

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Solitaire Card Game Strategy

Solitaire Card Game doesn't require special training, though you need to get familiar with rules and the game logic first. But the rest is just your attention to the details, and fast reaction, particularly when playing in multi-player game modes on time.

So the objective of the game is to place all the cards from the deck to the foundation piles. There are four foundation piles and you should place cards of the same suit in the ascending order to each pile starting form ace and up to the king. At the start of the game all the cards are laying faces down on the tableau, only the top cards are turned faces up. There are also the waist and the stock piles, which are located in the top left corner. The stock pile contains all the remaining deck cards faces down; the waist pile at the beginning is empty. So when you are out of moves on the tableau, you can flip the stock pile and cards will turn up in the waist pile faces up. At the very beginning of the game you choose whether to play 1 or 3 cards in a draw. The cards appeared in the waist you can both drag directly to the foundations or use them in the tableau to organize your piles and move the cards around. You can place the cards in the tableaus only in the descending order, keeping alternating colors. Matching cards you can drag to the foundations. When there is empty pile you can build there is new sequence starting with the king. When you have managed to move all the cards to the foundation the game is done, congrats!

Solitaire Card Game Features

You can play Solitaire Card Game absolutely for FREE on both Android and iOS devices. You can enjoy Solitaire Card Game both in Online and Offline mode. Solitaire Card Game has been designed using latest development technologies and best design practices. Solitaire Card Games is very fast and you will truly enjoy its smooth user experience. Here you will find quality graphics, beautiful layouts, exciting game modes and amazing challenges. Solitaire Card Game doesn't include third party ads, so there is no risk to loos traffic and no irritation. Simply enjoy the game to the full extent.

Solitaire Card Game signature feature is that is very social game, where you can meet more than 20 million active players from all over the world. You also can play with your friends from social networks like Facebook or Google+. You can organize your Solitaire Card Game circles by building your editable friend list. Using real-time chat you can always stay connected and by exchanging cool gifts, which will help you to progress in Solitaire Card Game, you can warm up your friendship. At the beginning of the game you receive FREE package of chips (game currency) and gems, to use hints. There is also Solitaire Game Shop, where you can buy more gems, chips and other power-ups.

Solitaire Card Game includes several game modes. There are plenty of exciting tournaments, where you can compete with seven other players for the pool prize. When playing a tournament you are matched with the players who have similar XP level and enough chips to pay the entry fee. There are also different leagues, which you can play country or world levels. Within each league there are there are up to 10 tiers, within different pool prizes and entry requirements. You also can build up your own league and invite your Solitaire Card Game friends to play along, or take part in your friend's league tournaments. If not in the mood for big tournaments, you can play in "1 on 1" chilly game mode with a friend, while still earning chips, gems and improving your XP level. There is also Las-Vegas game mode when you are playing versus intelligent computer. You should definitely try it out and feel real Vegas casino spirit. And don't miss out our FREE mini-games, which include slots, wheel of fortune and scratch and win.